Daily Log Monday April 6 2020 – “I Feel Alright”

Hey what’s up people, Yuriy Konivets here from the international station – The Yuriy Konivets Production and this is EVERYSAX! As you already know, everysax is all about success and entrepreneurship: ITBE – Invest Time Become Expert. And this is just a daily log, some kind of diary. OK so what I can tell you […]

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Top 16 Technology Companies 2020

So I have been reading Wikipedia a little bit and I’ve come across the top 16 list of the largest technology companies. Actually this list is from the year 2019 but now is the April 1 2020 and this is what Wikipedia has published: Apple Inc. Samsung Electronics Foxconn Alphabet Inc. (Google) Microsoft Huawei Dell […]

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Keeping The Positive Intention

Hey, Yuriy Konivets here broadcasting for the world as usual. And today I want to remind you that having a positive intention is important for achieving success. How do you get and maintain a positive intention? Well, it all starts when you consciously begin to switch your negative thoughts to positive ones. Later you begin […]

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YO! Create Something With Your Life Man!

Hey hey here Yuriy Konivets from the Yuriy Konivets Production. And today’s message from me is this: CREATE SOMETHING!! Sometimes it’s easier said then done. Sometimes we end up caught in some behavior patterns that can limit our creativity and productivity. But it is your choice to break those unproductive patterns and build a new, better […]

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