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Borat or Ali-G, who is better?

Yeah. Both these characters are made by Sacha Baron Cohen. And they are both very funny. But it’ difficult to say which one is nore funny .

I think Borat is more funny but Ali-G is nore cool.…

In today’s Internet Marketing…

I think that in today’s IM we can’t be spammy anymore.

What we have to do is to REALLY CONNECT with our customers, clients, users. And this way we can earn some moneys.

But we really have to THINK IN

Aquí quiero publicar cosas buenas

Pues aquí sobretodo quiero publicar cosas buenas sabes. No quiero que esto sea como cualquier cosa sabes en plan una mierda o algo. Quiero que sea un sitio guay, un sitio algo “alternativo” donde la gente pues pueda recibir la …

Practice, practice, practice

That’s the surefire straight way to success in every aspect of your life. To practice! And to keep practicing and practicing till you get SO GOOD that there’s just no other option than to be successful.

I have learned it …

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