Becoming A Full-Time ENTREPRENEUR! | Supermarket 2 e17

Hey what’s up guys! Supermarket 2 here broadcasting for you. And today I’ve reached some kind of special state of mind where I clearly understand what it means to be a FULL TIME ENTREPRENEUR. And I want to share this “special” state of mind with you so you can implement it in your life and make your life better, easier and more abundant. I want you to have more time and more money. I want you to have more freedom.

As you already know, being an entrepreneur is not a job, BEING AN ENTREPRENEUR IS A LIFESTYLE. And what does it really mean that being en entrepreneur is a lifestyle? Well, what it really means is that everything you do in your life is projecting towards one goal: to be an entrepreneur and to produce your products and perform your services. It’s really simple and there’s zero complication in understanding what it means.

And today after playing a couple of games of fronton(frontenis) I’ve finally realized that I am a FULL TIME ENTREPRENEUR because even when I go to play some tenis I carry with me my GoPro camera and a voice recorder so I can make some videos for my YouTube channel. Now you see what I’m talking about? The entrepreneurship is not like a job or some kind of school, college or university where you go to a place, make some 6-8 hours and then go home to “rest” and do some useless stuff 😀 The entrepreneurship is when you employ all the time you have, all the time of your life to develop your professional activity. You mix your life with your professional activity so it becomes the same thing.

Because you know, we’re so used to have “the working hours” and the “resting hours” and when we arrive at our home we just want to “do nothing”, you know what I mean? Because maybe you go to a job that you don’t really like because this job doesn’t allow you to develop and use fully your true potential and you go to this job, you do like 8 hours and after that you just come home and you just want to “do nothing” because you feel tired after performing an activity that doesn’t really inspire you. You see where I’m heading to? So why don’t use ALL THE TIME YOU HAVE and invest it into doing something that you really enjoy? Why don’t become a full time entrepreneur today? You don’t need no “special education”, you don’t need no approval of nobody, all you need to do is to choose what kind of life you want to live starting today. Tell me, what kind of life you want to live, my dear friend? What would you really like to do with your time? What would you do with your time if you ALREADY HAD ALL THE MONEY, CARS, FOOD, CLOTHES AND REAL ESTATE YOU EVER NEEDED? Have you ever thought about it?

So you see, now I’m here back at my home studio after playing some tenis games and you know what? I already have everything I need – that is the real truth. But you know what? I’ll have to do something with my time anyways so I choose to be a full time entrepreneur. Well, I could just sit here and meditate for the rest of my life, but you know, I would rather do something creative since I have a connection to internet and a computer.

Thank you for your attention.

My name is Supermarket 2 and it has been a pleasure communicating to you my “special state of mind”.

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