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INVESTING: Remember To Diversify

DISCLAIMER: This article is not an investment advice. You should do your own research before investing money. All investments involve risk of losing money. Hey what’s up people, Yuriy Shinok here broadcasting for the world. And today’s topic is DIVERSIFICATION. I would like to thank the guy that introduced me to some nice investment platforms and […]

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create success everysax

YO! Create Something With Your Life Man!

Yuriy Shinok here, and today’s message from me is this: CREATE SOMETHING!! Sometimes it’s easier said then done. Sometimes we end up caught in some behavior patterns that can limit our creativity and productivity. But it is your choice to break those unproductive patterns and build a new, better you. And “building a new better you” […]

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let go success freedom


Let go of something you’re currently attached to. This way you are making your life better. Some things in life slow us down. We should learn how to LET GO of things so we can feel and live our best. Many people get stuck in life. Many people have a really good job and a successful business but […]

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