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You know? I think that music and the commercial business success in life goes hand in hand. I mean if you want to be a successful entrepreneur — you have to listen to good music. Something like Perro Loco X. Because the music keeps you motivated, you know. And you need just THE RIGHT MOTIVATION to be successful and stay successful in your business affairs.

So now what you have to do is to listen so some super good music man. Just go and do it. For real. You can listen to some rock, hiphop or techno. Try Motorhead, 50 Cent, Perro Loco X, Wiz Khalifa, Snoop Dogg, etc.

The thing here is you have to keep high levels of motivation and you can achieve and keep these high levels of motivation if you listen to really good music. You can also try singing your favorite songs — it will give you even more super motivation. Just look for the lyrics of your favorite song on the Internet and then just sing it along with the original singer. Do it and you will feel JUST GREAT. You will forget about all your problems when you sing your favorite song.

So now you can see my point, right? Music is our super tool for our super motivation while attaining our super success in our super businesses. Because here, in Everysax, we are super entrepreneurs.

The thing is you have to listen to the right music. Don’t listen to sh*t music for losers — listen to some really cool tunes that will put you alright. You understand me. Only the really cool stuff that gets you going. Forget about the sh*t music — you know. Listen ONLY the really cool music man.

I know what I’m talking about because I’m a producer and a rapper — so I know my stuff and I know a lot about really cool music man. Because the really cool music gets you to the BIG SUCCESS and the sh*tty music is just for losers hahaha. So go listen to some really good music man — that’s the way to go. Listen to Perro Loco X on Spotify — this guy is just the best rapper in the f**kn world bro.

Thank you for reading this. You are just great because you read what I write.

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