YO! Create Something With Your Life Man!

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Yuriy Shinok here, and today’s message from me is this: CREATE SOMETHING!!

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Sometimes it’s easier said then done. Sometimes we end up caught in some behavior patterns that can limit our creativity and productivity. But it is your choice to break those unproductive patterns and build a new, better you.

And “building a new better you” is not something hard or complicated. It’s just something you do on daily basis maybe without consciously knowing it. BUT THE CHOICE ALWAYS REMAINS YOURS.

No need for complicated plans. No need for rules. No need for anything. Just start something today. Create something.

The Start Is The Hardest Thing

Some people think that the creation process is something that is reserved for “the special ones”, the artists, the singers, the authors, the producers… But who told you that you’re not a singer, an author, a producer?

Many times the hardest thing about doing something is about STARTING to do that thing.

Some people say that showing up is the 80% of success, and I can’t do more but agree.

Starting something, showing up, putting your “special” clothes on or your “special” lucky baseball cap can and usually is the starting point about creating something.

You Already Have The Power To Create

Maybe you didn’t know it or maybe you just forgot, but here is Supermarket Twoo to remember you that you’re the creator.

No need for education, no need for hesitation. No need for complicated schemes or long books. – You already know and have everything you need to create a masterpiece. Just put your mind at peace.

Why Creating Something Is Important For Your Growth, Expansion And Overall Success?

Well, the basic thing that I have come to understand here is that what you create on daily basis ALSO CREATES YOU.

So my message for you today is that you start creating something – no need to finish it – just start. And maybe that creation of yours calls you back tomorrow and tells you: “hey man this is a cool thing to do”.

Be good fellow readers.

Thank you for your attention. Thank you for reading what I write.

Yuriy Shinok

To your success

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