Creating something makes you feel great. You can experience this phenomena when you create something every day.

Our goal here at is to become successful entrepreneurs. And what defines a successful entrepreneur is his constant process of creation, of production.

A successful entrepreneur is a creator. He’s always producing some kind of product. That’s the secret of his success.

But today I wanted to talk not only about successful entrepreneurship, I also wanted to talk about the great satisfaction that you feel when you create something.

You know, I used to play a lot of video games and to watch a lot of movies. Basically I used to be addicted to all kinds of entertainment. And when you’re entertained – you just sit there and do nothing, just watching and playing – you’re not creating anything.

When you start to create something on daily basis, it makes you feel just great.

Just writing an article on your blog on daily basis is a great act of creation and it makes you feel really good.

Not only we can write articles on our websites – we can also make new videos and upload them to our YouTube channel, we can produce new music and share it with the people, and more and more: we have infinite possibilities of creating something new.

Today, in the year 2021 we can create a lot of digital products because we have these powerful and beautiful computers and all this excellent technology to help us… But our creative possibilities are not only limited to digital goods – we can also create physical goods.

Creating physical products is also super cool and brings you a lot of satisfaction.

So you see – you can create digital goods or physical goods. Do it, create something and you will see the great personal satisfaction that you receive!