Doing Things That Make You Grow And Expand

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So what I want to tell you today is something that I consciously do in my life on daily basis. Maybe not always – but my aim is to fill my life with activities that make me grow, expand and become a better version of myself.

Today’s post is about focusing your intention on performing constructive and productive activities that lead you in the good direction.

I think that today’s topic has some real value for you not only as a successful entrepreneur but also as a successful person with an interesting, fulfilling and exciting life.

My point here is that everything you do in your life shapes you in some way. What I’m trying to say here is that basically everything you do in life has some kind of influence in who you become after performing that activity. That’s why I encourage you to focus on constructive and productive activities.

How Have I Come To Realize This Phenomena?

Well, I have to say that what I express here is something that comes from my own experience and is something that I have tested on myself many times already. I put you a simple example here so you can understand me better:

When I play video games a lot like 10 hours non-stop, I pretty much like it and it does have some “therapeutic” effect on me because it helps me in focusing my attention and relieving stress somehow. BUT! Also I must say that after playing video games a lot I basically end up having NOTHING inside myself. YES, video games help me in perfecting some cool skills like fast reaction, computer mouse handling, precision, hand-eye coordination, etc. that later I can use in graphic design while working with Photoshop, in car driving, video recording and editing, etc. YES, video games do have some positive effect on me aside from relieving stress and helping me to focus my attention… BUT! As I said earlier all those positive effects also come with some little negative consequences which I describe as “feeling empty inside”.

I could put video games in the “non-productive” activity category because you don’t produce anything while playing a video game – it’s just entertainmentsomething you do to not get bored and to not think some uncomfortable thoughts.


YES! Here comes the new me who tells me: “hey buddy, if you want to feel alright and feel like your life is full of grace and joy, you have to do something constructive.

And YES, I do believe that doing something constructive, something productive leads you to a much better life!

A simple example lays right in front of you: now you are reading something that I have fabricated for you. This blog post is a product that I fabricate. And after finishing the writing, the quick editing and publishing this post, I will feel amazing for at least 2 days straight.

The sole thing that I write something, I produce something – makes me feel in a completely new way. I feel like it makes me expand and grow and achieve new levels of understanding and mastery of my skills.

Alright, I’ll be finishing this because basically I have transmitted already the core principle of doing things that make you grow and expand.

And remember: ITBE – Invest Time Become Expert.