Eliminating The Unproductive Activities From An Entrepreneur’s Life e11

The unproductive activities have minimal presence in a true entrepreneur’s life. A successful entrepreneur has lost his appetite for the unproductive activities. The problem that the unproductive activities carry with themselves is not just the time dedicated to them, it is also the habit that stems and grows from the unproductive activities.

A successful entrepreneur gets bored by doing unproductive activities. That is why he decided to eliminate those unproductive activities from his life. He really didn’t “eliminate” them, he just abandoned them because of their uselessness. Eventually the useless stuff gets boring, that’s why the successful entrepreneur is always fabricating, he is always working. An entrepreneur’s life is his work. His work is his life because it is basically the only non-boring thing on planet Earth. It is non-boring because an entrepreneur can always fabricate something new, his work is an ever-evolving activity that can touch ANY aspect of life on planet Earth. There are no limits for a true entrepreneur.

An Entrepreneur’s Activity Is Always GROWING, That’s Why It Isn’t Boring

An entrepreneur can do whatever he wants to do, that’s why he’s always open for new possibilities. A true entrepreneur is always searching, he is constantly observing… He just lives his life the way it was meant to be lived.

The Unproductive Activities Are Just A Way To Ease The Pain

Sometimes it’s just better to sit there just doing nothing before doing an unproductive activity. The unproductive activities tend to be just a way to “ease the pain” or “forget about the problems”. But there is a hidden danger inside the unproductive activities: apart from being time-consuming, they easily can form unproductive habits. A successful entrepreneur is focused on forming productive habits, that’s why he avoids the unproductive activities.

Sometimes the entrepreneur may feel a bit tired or little inspired and he basically wants to do nothing. And there’s zero problem with that. When the entrepreneur wants to do nothing he just does nothing but he does not dive into the unproductive activities. The entrepreneur can do nothing or can do very little, but the very little will be done of a productive activity.

Do nothing that is of no use.

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