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I salute you again, people of the world. My name is Supermarket Twoo and I’m a blogger and a producer. I have just woke up and the first thing I’m doing here is to write and publish this blog post.

It is a beautiful day out there, the SPRING 2020 IS HERE and I want to share with you this special thought that has been present in my mind when I woke up 5 minutes ago. And the topic of today is HOW TO BE A GIVER!

As you already know, everysax is focused on the entrepreneurial success, and here I discuss all the important aspects of the entrepreneurial life like substituting your unproductive activities by productive activities, having positive thoughts in your mind, performing sports activities on regular basis, etc etc.  <–All those things help you stay in the PROPER ENTREPRENEURIAL SHAPE and be successful.

And today I’m introducing a new entrepreneurial concept which is BEING A GIVER!!

And that concept alone can change you whole life and catapult you towards BIG ENTREPRENEURIAL SUCCESS.

You may be asking yourself “why?”, “is this FOR REAL??”, “But what about the MONEYS??”, “What about the bills I have to pay?”, “AAAAaaaAAAaaA???”… OK, DON’T PANIC I HAVE YOU COVERED.

Understanding How The WORLD WORKS

In order to be a successful entrepreneur you have to understand how the world, the relationships between people and the economies work. You have to understand that THE ECONOMIES AND THE MONEY BASICALLY ARE EXCHANGE SYSTEMS.

Money Is A TOOL Of Exchange

Well, I understand that you need some money – everybody need some money to pay their rent, food, transport and expenses. That is perfectly OK.

And now what you have to understand is that MONEY is an EXCHANGE TOOL that serves as a mutual agreement between the people of the world. Money is given to somebody in return for their products or services. It’s very simple.


Really simple concepts hehe.


Alright so today’s post is about becoming a giver and why it is important to be a giver to become a money and success receiver.

So being a giver is a skill and it is also a habit and it may seem a little “counter-intuitive” to some people but this is the real path to big success.

Being a giver is the cornerstone of the entrepreneurial success. Just look at all the successful enterprises we have today in the world – look at all the big successful brands and see for yourself  WHAT ARE THOSE BRANDS GIVING TO PEOPLE???

Taxi Drivers Are Givers And They Always Have Something To Eat

Look at one the most basics services in the city – the TAXI. A taxi driver is a man or a woman that is always ready to give you a good service and transport you from point A to point B 24 hours a day 365 days a year. Those guys are always there and they are always ready to drive for you, talk to you, listen to what you have to say, help you and tune into some good radio station if you want to! The taxi drivers are givers! And that’s why they always have clients and they always have some money.

And how did the taxi service start? It all started with regular drivers who were always ready to help people in hitching a ride. It all started with drivers who were givers and now it is a successful profession.

Look at CHANEL – Coco Chanel Was a Giver

I hope you know the brand “CHANEL” and the founder of the brand who was Coco Chanel, a woman that enjoyed dressing other women. Coco was a woman who ENJOYED GIVING BEAUTIFUL CLOTHES TO OTHER WOMEN and that is how the brand “CHANEL” originated.

Chanel was originated by a woman who was a giver and look at Chanel today – It is still successful and has become an icon with their Chanel perfumes, etc, etc. It is a fashion icon an a reference in the fashion world because it was founded by a woman who was a giver and enjoyed giving beautiful things to other people.

Look at Apple Computer – Steve Jobs was a Giver

I hope you know this beautiful brand that is “Apple” which also has become an icon but an icon in the computer world.

Apple is a company founded by Steve Jobs, a guy who enjoyed giving computers to people.

Apple is still successful selling computers, laptops, iPhones, iPads and iPods.

Founded by a giver, destined to success.

OK, Now You Can Listen To Red Hot Chili Peppers – Give It Away

“Give It Away” is a song by an american rock band “Red Hot Chili Peppers” that may put you in the right mindset so it become for you easier to be a giver haha 🙂

A giver is a successful entrepreneur.

A successful entrepreneur is a giver.

Alright guys I’m signing off. Thank you for you attention and have a great day!

My name is Supermarket Twoo and I wish you success, prosperity, well-being and love.


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