An Entrepreneur GROWS With His Work. He Gets Better And Better e8

Every time an entrepreneur is doing his work, he is growing his abilities. Every time an entrepreneur is doing his activity, he is perfecting his skills and abilities.

There are many kinds of work on planet Earth. Every man on planet Earth chooses the work he is going to do. He has freedom of choice.

People generally make vague decisions while selecting the type of activity they’re going to do in their life. It happens so because of the system the people are living in: first they go to school, later the university or something similar… They just can’t grasp the “real” reality because of all the disinformation or misinformation. People basically end up with zero choice, and that is not the way of true liberty, independence, self-sufficiency and true entrepreneurship.

The True Entrepreneur Can CHOOSE. He can SELECT

The TRUE ENTREPRENEURSHIP resides in the ability of choice. The true entrepreneurship is an independent and self-sufficient way of life where a man has everything he wants and does everything he wants.

A true entrepreneur is always working. He is always perfecting his skills and abilities. A true entrepreneur has no need for special exercises or education: he grows his skills and abilities by himself by simply doing his work. His work is an easy thing to do because an entrepreneur does ONLY WHAT HE LIKES.

Perfecting Entrepreneur’s Skills In A Continuous Way

An entrepreneur is always working and perfecting his skills. He perfects his skills by working. The same activity that is making money for him is also making him a better professional. It is a non-stop activity because it is CONTINUOUS LIKE THE LIFE ITSELF. There are no “working” days and “rest” days; an entrepreneur is always at work, his life is his work. A continuous process of fabrication of things for himself, for the people, for the money…

The Entrepreneur’s Activity (Work) Is His Best Exercise

An exercise itself is like a blank shot. Doing a special exercise for perfecting one’s ability and skills can be great, but what is even greater is to do the real thing and get better while doing profitable activity.

The profitable activity itself is the core of the entrepreneurship. The profitable activity of an entrepreneur is his way to success, growth and perfecting of his professional abilities.

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