Feed Yourself With Useful Stuff

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Yes, feed yourself with useful stuff. What I’m trying to say here is this:

Do Something That Makes You Grow

Do something that makes you grow and expand.

Read, write, sing, read texts out loud, play some musical instrument, write a song, paint a painting, something like that.

I do like watching movies and listening to music… But let’s face the facts: movies and music are basically entertainment.

Movies and music don’t really make you grow, they’re there to entertain you. Alright, there are different kind of movies and music, and yes there are movies and music that make you grow, but I was just generalising a little bit alright 🙂

*EDIT: MUSIC IS GOOD! Music can help you do the creative stuff!! AND SURE THERE ARE MANY DIFFERENT KINDS OF MOVIES!

Entertainment is great when you just want to do nothing and all that stuff. There is no problem with that. But if you do it on daily basis you basically don’t grow.

My Own Example

Here I am, blogging, reading other people’s books and blogs, creating videos, recording my voice. All that stuff feeds me, it makes me grow and develops my abilities.

That is the real oxygen you need to breathe and get ahead in your life. Achieve your goals and all that stuff, you know.

And It’s A Habit

I used to play Counter-Strike: Source a lot. I’ve basically played video games for years. And it was great, but I realised that I was going nowhere.

I realised that there are more things in life. Things that can be developed, things that may seem harder at first but are more rewarding and interesting to do.

So I had that gaming habit and basically only did that thing every day: I just played Counter-Strike all day every day. It was a really strong habit.

Well, it was not the only habit I had, I also was addicted to bodybuilding.

*EDIT: Now I’m returning to bodybuilding again because it makes me feel great!

My New Video Game

Now my habits have changed and instead of gaming I write and publish articles on my blogs, create videos and stuff like that. And this is my new video game. Blogging and creating videos have become my new video game. It’s my new habit.

We, The Humans, Are Habit Creatures

We, the humans are just hard-wired that way. What we do every day is what we are prone to keep doing the days to come.

What we do every day kinda gets recorded somewhere in our bodies and we later crave that stuff.

In the past, my body craved video games. Today my body craves blogging, expressing myself, communicating myself with other people and adding value to other people’s lives. I think it’s pretty cool and it makes me grow in several aspects.

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