No Need To Fight Or Struggle: Just OPERATE e10

We see so many people every day telling us that “we must fight every day” to be able to succeed… Well, I’m sorry but I have a different point of view: instead of “fight” or “struggle” you must operate.

Operate, operate, this magical word… What does it really mean and why it’s important? To operate means to do something smoothly, with a calm mind and knowing exactly what you’re doing.

Why do I differentiate between “fighting” and “operating”? OK, let me answer this one. When you “fight” it often means doing something with maximum power and energy in a short period of time to solve some unexpected, sudden situation. There’s nothing wrong with “fighting”, but let’s see if you can fight constantly throughout all your lifetime? Can you be fighting 70 years constantly and continuously? It is better to operate: do all you have to do with a smooth rhythm. Get things done in a progressive and continuous manner. The success is yours.

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