GO With Something FAMILIAR While Designing Your BRAND

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While designing the identity of your brand, go with something familiar, something that people already know what it is and can relate to easily.

Let’s see a clear example: Everybody knows what a fridge is. Everybody is using a fridge on daily basis several times a day. If you include the word “fridge” in you brand name, your brand name will be familiar for your users (clients). Clients will remember your brand name easily and they will relate to your brand name because a “fridge” is something familiar for them. People also tend to LIKE the familiar things.

Why The Familiar Things Are Important

Why the familiar things are important?

The familiar things are important because people like the familiar things they use on daily basis. If you make your brand sound familiar for the people, you achieve better results.

You want your brand name to be familiar for the people so they can recall your brand name easily in their conversations with other people.

Include FAMILIAR Words In Your Brand Name

Include familiar words in your brand’s name so people can easily read and remember the name of your brand.

Just take a look at the BIGGEST companies and see what they are using.

Take a look at Apple (you know Apple, the computer manufacturing company). Look what’s Apple using for they brand name and logo… They use an apple. Now can you see what I’m talking about?

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An apple is something that everybody is familiar with. Everybody knows what an apple is. Everybody has seen an apple in their lives and everybody has talked about an apple at least one time in their lives.

Steve Jobs chose an apple to be the name and the image of his brand. Ain’t it interesting?

Just Replicate Steve Job’s Success

Go and use something familiar in your brand’s name. Something like “apple”, “orange”, “cup”, “socks”, “pool”, “bottle”. Do you get the idea, my friend?

Just read it again if you want, so you can get my idea.

This stuff that I’m telling you here is top notch. They teach this stuff in special places like private business schools, etc. This stuff works.

I’ve Used “Steve Jobs” Here

I’ve used the figure of Steve Jobs in this post. I’ve used the brand called “Apple” in this post.

Everybody knows who is Steve Jobs and what is Apple.

This way I’ve made this post feel familiar to you because when you hear about Steve Jobs and Apple you already know what I’m talking about.

I have just applied the trick I’m talking about in this post. I have talked about a familiar thing (Steve Jobs, Apple) and this by itself has created a familiar feeling for you because I’m talking about something you already know and have probably heard a lot about.

You can apply this same strategy while designing the name of your brand.

The RED FRIDGE Example

Imagine a brand called “RED FRIDGE”. A fridge is a familiar and a well-known object and the word “red” is widely used and everybody knows what is a “red color”. This way, the combination “RED FRIDGE” is easy to read, easy to remember and feels warm and familiar. Mission complete!

Now let’s go to the logo of your brand…

Use SIMPLE & Familiar SHAPES In Your Brand’s Logo

Use a circle, use a square, maybe a triangle or a star. Use simple shapes that people are familiar with.

Use familiar objects in your logo like a bottle, a ladder, a car, a bicycle, a ball, a baseball cap. The logo of your brand should feel familiar to your users (clients).

That’s it for today, people.

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