Keeping The Positive Intention

Hey, Yuriy Shinok here broadcasting for the world as usual. And today I want to remind you that having a positive intention is important for achieving success.

How do you get and maintain a positive intention? Well, it all starts when you consciously begin to switch your negative thoughts to positive ones. Later you begin to think positive thoughts because it becomes a habit for you.

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What Can You Do Right Now To Set A Positive Intention In Your Life?

If you want to set a positive intention in your life, an intention to succeed and flourish, you have to first understand what kind of life you want to live.

After you know exactly what kind of life you want to live, you have to begin to put visions of this “dream life” in your mind. And you have to be ready to receive it right now. You have to be ready to have the life of your dreams in this exact moment.

The “Readiness” To Have And To Act Upon

When you’re ready to receive what you want, you have to create an intention to have this “dream life”. You have to be ready to act and ready to have.

It’s your “readiness” for having the life of your dreams what creates the powerful intention that leads you straight to success.

So you have to make yourself a new vision of what your life is.

Be OK With Your Life Right Now Before Receiving Your “Dreamlife”

You have to start to love your life right now, before receiving all the gifts that you want to manifest.

So you have to feel OK already with the life that you have right now and at the same time be ready to receive “the life of your dreams”.

You don’t have to have a “burning desire” because a “burning desire” is not an intention. The desire supposes the lack of something in your life. The desire is a useless construction.

You have to begin to focus yourself on creating a powerful intention which is pure and free of desire.

Well that’s it for this short article.

Thank you for reading.

See you later dear friends.

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