KEEPING TRACK On Your Business Is Crucial For Success

I think that most of the success comes from just KEEPING TRACK on what you’re doing.

It’s like BEING AWARE and don’t forget about the things and the businesses you’re doing. Keeping track is crucial. Being aware of your things and businesses is crucial for success.

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Because many times we can just START SOMETHING, do it a little, get some success and then… — if you don’t keep track of that thing and that business — that thing just GETS LOST and you forget about it… And you already know — the success in business is about CONTINUITY — it’s about continuing and continuing something you started so it grows, grows and grows till it achieves CRITICAL MASS and EXPLODES and EXPANDS massively.

So keeping track on your businesses is crucial for your success.

Edit 1:

So what I’m talking about here is called PERSEVERANCE. I came across this word while I was now listening to Tony Robbins’ podcadt on Spotify and there’s an episode that talks about PERSEVERANCE. Here is the link to this episode:

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