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A key component of every business is the human interaction. You may think that having the best product or service is all it takes to be successful and cash in big checks… Well, you’re not completely wrong, but let’s get a little deeper.

To be able to create the best product or service, you have to understand exactly which are your customer’s needs. And to be able to understand that, you have to communicate with your customers effectively and get to know them very closely.

The Biggest Companies Are Doing It

Today you can see a lot of companies paying special attention to the customers’ feedback. These companies are looking very closely at their customers’ needs and desires so they can fine-tune their products and services to better match the people’s needs and desires.

UBER Is Paying Special Attention To The Customer’s Feedback

I guess you know what UBER is. UBER is the new taxi company that offers private cabs at very competitive prices (and the traditional taxi drivers are not very happy with that). UBER uses a mobile app so their clients can order a taxi at any moment. So, UBER is paying special attention to their customers’ feedback: inside the app you can rate every driver that’s driving you around and you can leave comments. UBER has a direct communication channel with their customers so they can fine-tune their taxi service and obtain the best results.

Big Companies Are Starting To Pay Attention To The “Little Man”

Today we live in a world where every customer is valuable. Today we have all these nearly free communication channels like WhatsApp, Telegram and Facebook; people can communicate and interact freely online, so, if someone doesn’t like your product or service he will publish it on their social media profiles and will tell it to everybody using apps like WhatsApp, and I hope you can see the destructive potential that one “little man” can have for your business and your income. On the other hand, you can see the beneficial potential that one “little man” can have for your business: someone who likes your product/service will recommend it to their friends on WhatsApp and Facebook.

That’s why the biggest companies are now paying attention to the “small people”; every customer is valuable, but in today’s world every customer is even more valuable because of the rise of the cheap/free communication technologies.

Today we have all these big and rich companies trying to satisfy the “little man’s” needs and identify the “little man’s” desires. As you can see they do it because of 2 main reasons:

  1. To be able to fine-tune their products and services.
  2. To make the “little man” happy so he can recommend their products and services to contacts on social media and messaging apps.

Listen To EVERY Customer

Yeah, I really mean what I say here: you have to listen to every customer’s comments and recommendations so you can optimize your product/service and adapt it to your customers’ needs.

You have to get closer to your customers so you can better communicate with them. You have to work on the “human relationship” with your clients, pay attention to your customers’ feelings and emotions. Human feelings and emotions play a huge role in this game we call business. As I said before, get closer to your customers, treat them well, listen to them, try to comfort them at any chance. Never let an unsatisfied or angry customer get away from you: do whatever it takes to make your customers happy and your profits will keep on rising.

You have to understand that every human being is different and everybody has his own peculiarities that you must understand if you want to offer the best service and create the best products. Be adaptive, be patient, always try to understand your clients, don’t get easily irritated, always try to see the “big picture”and remember that every client is valuable.

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