PRODUCTION vs. CONSUMPTION | Yuriy Konivets e15

production consumption e15

Why do I “stress” so much about the production? Why is the production process so important for me and why am I telling you all this? -… I can answer these questions for you.

Now I want you to see the planet Earth and I want you to realize the activities that the grand majority of people are performing. You can clearly see that the majority of people on planet Earth are basically consuming. The majority of people today are just consuming the products that other individuals have produced. And the majority of people just go like this all their life long – they just consume and consume what other people produce…


Now I want you to flip the equation: now let’s start producing and see what happens to your life. Just make that experiment – begin fabricating something, begin producing something, begin creating something and then just look and see how your life changes.

Have you ever thought about how your life would be like if you started producing more and consuming less? That is basically the entrepreneur’s job – an entrepreneur is a producer basically; he also consumes the goods produced by other people because it’s just inevitable, but the entrepreneur’s main aim is to PRODUCE – that is how he makes his money.


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