Replace Unproductive Activities By Productive Activities

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My name is Yuriy Konivets and today I want to share with you an amazing method that will work wonders in your life.

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I’m talking about replacing the unproductive activities that you perform in your life by productive activities. This is the true path of a succesful entrepreneur.

I must say I have already partially covered this method in this article where I call this method “The Productive Lifestyle System”. But the working principle is basically the same.

Now let’s see what it’s all about!!

First Analyze Your Daily Activities

Alright alright – this method of replacement starts with analyzing your daily life and detecting what kind of activities you perform on daily basis.

After you have observed and you know exactly WHAT activities you tend to perform on daily basis, you have to separate all that activities in 2 big categories:

  • productive activities
  • unproductive activities

Now Replace The Unproductive By The Productive

Now that you have separated all the activities of your life into productive and unproductive – you have to replace all the unproductive activities of your life by the productive activities.

Here a couple examples so you can understand better:

If earlier you used to just read books and newspapers – now it’s time for you to start to write and publish your own books and newspapers.

If you just used to listen to music before – now it’s time for you to record and release your own songs. Get a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation), get a condenser mic, a guitar or maybe a MIDI keyboard and let your creativity flow man.

If you just used to watch the TV and the YouTube – now it’s time to make your own movies and broadcasts my man. Get a camera and a copy of sony vegas software and see what you can do man. Even a smartphone can do the job man – today we have smartphones with good cameras that record good quality videos. Just awesome man.

I think that you get the idea. I think now you clearly understand what does it mean to replace the unproductive activities of your life by the productive activities so you can form the productive habits.

The productive activities by definition are the activities that leave some kind of product after performing that activities.

Do nothing that is of no use.

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