To BE SUCCESSFUL, And Be Able To ENJOY it, Don’t Take The Stuff Too Seriously

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You know what I’m trying to say here, right? Don’t take the stuff too seriously! It doesn’t really mean what we’re talking about here: it can be your job, your new business venture or your pets… Whatever it is, if you want to be OK in your life and to be SUCCESSFUL and PROSPEROUS, don’t you take the stuff too seriously.

Just imagine a billionaire. Just imagine a guy who has several billions of dollars… Can you imagine that? OK. Now imagine that this guy invests a hundred bucks in Bitcoin and looses that hundred bucks. Will he be worried about losing $100 when he has BILLIONS of dollars? NO! He won’t worry about those 100 bucks because for him, losing $100 is like losing 5 cents for a “normal”, middle class citizen. You know what I’m talking about here? Can you see my point?

If you want to FLY HIGH, stop worrying about the little things. Here you can ask me: what do you mean by “little things”? The little things are the MAJORITY of things in life. The majority of things in life just don’t mean that much, you should understand that.

OK you have a job, maybe it’s a really good job, but if you take this job TOO SERIOUSLY, it will suck the life out of you. It doesn’t matter how much they pay you or how much you like it – if this job is going to have TOO MUCH IMPORTANCE in your life, it’s NOT OK for you because you won’t be enjoying your life anymore.

If a job is too important for you, if a job means too much for you, it’ NOT OK. Whatever it is, it should NOT take control of your whole life. Whatever it is, it SHOULD NOT take control of your whole body and mind. You know what I mean here? Don’t let nobody and nothing take the whole control of your life.

You must be asking yourself: why is it so important to not let the things in your life become too important? OK, I can answer that question for you:

If the stuff becomes too important for you, you become a “fan” of that thing, and that thing takes control of your life, it’s not too good for you. You must be able to decide on your own. You must be able to make your own moves without the external influence. You must be able to make YOUR OWN DECISIONS without an external control or influence.

When you become a “fan” of something or somebody you “lose your own soul”. Hope you’re understanding me on this one.

Nobody can live a cool life being a slave, and being a “fan” of something or somebody is basically being a slave, hehe.

I hope this  isn’t too harsh for you right now. Maybe this is a moment in your life when you begin to “step out of the matrix”.

This is not something I want to say to you because I want to meet some kind of personal goal. This is something that I have inside of me and I’m expressing it through this article.

OK, let’s not get sidetracked here. What I was trying to say is that you have to maintain the importance of basically ALL things in your life down to zero. Maybe not an “absolute zero”, but it must be close to zero. Let me clarify:

What I’m trying to say here is that owning a business and having your own clients must not become the most important thing in your life. The money itself, must not become the most important thing in your life. And this is not just “humanitarian” or “hipppie” philosophies. Today we live in a society that is far from being happy and prosperous. What I can see every day over there is people running like crazy fools trying to accomplish some unrealistic goals. You know what I mean here? OK. This is not just about the modern society, this is about being PROSPEROUS AND HAPPY at the same time. I hope you’re getting what I’m saying here.

Alright, so, the point here is that to become really prosperous and really happy, you have to lower the importance of the things in your life.

You must understand that in this life you have ZERO GUARANTEES for nothing (sorry to say you that). You live, but you can die at ANY moment. Hope you know this is true.

Don’t waste your time and your brain power worrying about stuff. Do whatever you want to do. Do what you really like.

Yeah I know, everysax is about having your own business and being successful and prosperous. Yeah, I know – that’s why let me tell you this:

Having a business is about investing your time. You have to invest some time to become an expert. You have to invest some time to be successful. And that’s why I’m writing this article right now to tell you that if you want to invest time – it must be something that you really like and enjoy doing.

That’s why I’m telling you “do whatever you like”, “do what you really like”. I tell you this because if you want to invest time in something, it must be something that you really like and enjoy doing.

When you really like and enjoy something you don’t have to “force yourself” to do that stuff because you do it like a hobby. You just do it because you enjoy doing it.

Having you own business is doing something that you enjoy doing because only this way you will enjoy your life and will invest time for real.

And remember: ITBE: Invest Time Become Expert.

Everysax for you.

Yuriy Konivets for you.

Thank you.

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