The Minimalism and the “Good Life” – Can They Mix Together?

Some people may think that if you’re a minimalist you kinda “must” to give up all the nice things in life like all the things that give you pleasure, etc. But it’s not the case.

Being a minimalist is UNDERSTANDING that you can live a happy life with or without those nice things. To be a minimalist is be able to conform with what you have right now and be happy, but nobody “bans” you from being able to get more things in your life. The thing here is to be able to have nice things but not to become a slave of those nice things.

The minimalism is about having just the necessary things you really need to live and renouncing all what you don’t really need. But I think that you can be a minimalist and have a nice fast car, a beautiful house, cool clothes and whatever you want to have – it’s all in the UNDERSTANDING that you can be happy with or without all those nice cool things. The new minimalism is about having all those nice things you want to have but not being an addict of all those nice things.

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