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Hey what’s up boys and girls – this is Yuriy Konivets here to tell you something interesting today. And here and now I tell you something that has the ability to change your whole life and to catapult you directly to entrepreneurial success.

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Here is the Everysax Method: forget the time management and say hello to a PRODUCTIVE LIFESTYLE.

What is a productive lifestyle and why should I forget about the time management? I love the time management – it’s so cool and I love to schedule my whole life and to make a lot of plans! I love the time management because it’s so cool when I know exactly WHEN I have to wake up, when I have to eat, when I have to sleep, when I have to make love, when I have to live and when I have to die!! IT’S SO COOL! Why do you want to take the time management away from me, cruel Yuriy?!

Alright alright, don’t be scared on this one, dear friend. You can keep your time management habits if you want to, but here and now I show you something that you will like a lot better than your beloved time management:

I’m talking about becoming a true entrepreneur and to transform your whole life in a productive process where the time no longer matters.

I’m talking about becoming a true creator.

I’m talking about the entrepreneurial lifestyle where you have no “work hours” and “rest hours”.

In the true entrepreneurial lifestyle you never work and you never rest – you only create.

Why Time Management Is Not A Viable Option?

Why do I say that the time management is not a viable option for a true entrepreneur?

I say this because when you use time management you basically schedule your whole life.

The time management system is a system that relies on schedule and on dedicating certain hours of your day to certain activities.

Why don’t I like the time management?

I don’t like the time management system because I’m not a robot and I’m not a machine. I’m not made of metal and I don’t have an Intel i7 processor stuck in my head, alright? I’m a living breathing awesomeness that can do whatever. That’s who I am and that’s who you are. Maybe you forgot, but I’m here to remind you about your true abilities and capabilities. I’m here to inspire you. I’m here to give you power. Well, you don’t need me to give you power because you already have all the power in the world – I just remind you about your true power.

OK, so let’s answer the question – why time management is not a viable option?

The time management system is not a viable option because in time management you put yourself in a position where you have to force yourself to work in certain hours of the day and then, when your “work hours” are over – you just “rest” and so some useless stuff…

A true creator does nothing that is of no use.

A true creator lives life on purpose and that’s what we do here when we adapt the PRODUCTIVE LIFESTYLE SYSTEM.

The Productive Lifestyle System

The productive lifestyle system is the original everysax system and it’s about dedicating all the time of your life to your professional activities. It’s about dedicating all the time of your life to doing productive activities. It’s about doing productive activities only and doing nothing that is of no use.

The productive activities by definition are the activities that produce some kind of product when you perform that activities.

The productive lifestyle system is based on performing productive activities only.

Yes, we do have exceptions in the productive lifestyle system.

In the productive lifestyle system we do recognize that an entrepreneur is not a machine or some kind of robot.

While utilizing the productive lifestyle system the entrepreneur can rest whenever he wants, but while resting the entrepreneur will not be performing unproductive activities.

You can do nothing, but you should not do something that is of no use.

When you feel tired you can just sit or lay down and just do nothing until the inspiration comes again. You can listen to music or a technical audiobook – you should not listen to audiobooks that are imaginary stories etc etc. While resting you can listen to music because the music will give you inspiration. You can perform sports activities like riding a bicycle or you can listen to an audiobook that has technical nature. You should only listen to technical audiobooks that give you real, useful and actionable knowledge.

OK, I think I will be finishing up.

Thanks for your attention and I encourage you to apply the productive lifestyle system in your life – you will love the benefits.

I encourage you to become a true entrepreneur.

I encourage you to become a true creator.

Yuriy Konivets 2020


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